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Trading & Investing Taught from Beginner to Pro

Learn In The Saavi LIVE Market in this Stock Market Course
During challenges, stock market trading has proven to be a dependable source of income. By devoting time to learn the essential aspects of trading, both technical and emotional, you too can open up a reliable revenue stream with the help of this stock market course.

Our Clients Say

The financial advisors I worked with were highly knowledgeable and experienced. They possessed a deep understanding of the intricacies of personal finance and investment strategies. They patiently explained complex financial concepts in a way that was easy to grasp, ensuring that I was an active participant in the decision-making process.

Smart Money Concepts 

We teach Smart Money Concepts. In this education module one can easily follow the footprints of very big investors like institutional investors, Hedge Funds, and Mutual Funds.


Fundamental Analysis

It is a method of assessing the intrinsic value of a stock. It combines financial statements, external influences, events, and industry trends. It is important to note that the intrinsic value or a fair value of a stock does not change overnight.

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Technical Analysis

It is a trading discipline employed to evaluate investments and identify trading opportunities by analyzing statistical trends gathered from trading activity, such as price movement and volume.


Risk Management Strategies

The process of locating, evaluating, and controlling the risks connected with an investment is known as risk management in the stock market.  It also entails preparing for potential dangers and taking action to lessen their effects.

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Course Highlights

  • Course is taught in the LIVE MARKET

  • One of the EASIEST systems to learn

  • Works across all stocks and markets – from Intraday to Longterm

  • Consistent monthly profits

  • No prior knowledge required

  • Interactive training

  • Training as well as Practice sessions

  • Tutor is a full-time trader

  • Personalized Attention - Batch of 25 Students only



Saavi Education is an established institute that was started in 2018 to offer various classroom and online courses on stock markets. Our courses help the students to gain complete knowledge about the stock market. One can take up classes if they plan to invest in, gain better knowledge about various aspects of the market or they plan to build a career in the stock market We offer a curriculum that is a pack full of everything that you need to learn about the various aspects of the market. Our highly qualified trained faculty delivers the best of knowledge to our students. After gaining knowledge one can either grab career opportunities in stock market companies or invest their own funds. Anyone including bankers, students, housewives, and working professionals can enroll in our courses and gain basic or professional-level knowledge of stock markets as per their requirements.


Online classes (E-learning) is a new and innovative way of taking classes which as transformed the scope of learning and development. Online courses are a great revolutionary change that has opened new opportunities for everyone who wants to learn something new. The basic advantages of online courses are
• Flexible timing of classes
• Self – paced studying
• Less expensive
• Effective learning
• Time saving


E-books in PDF form
Pre–recorded videos
Slide shows *
Mock Tests
Certification from NIFM
Preparation to take NSE and SEBI exams

Our Prestigious Clients


Dr. Amol Ramsing Kolhe

MP Lok Sabha & Former Indian actor

Happy Clients


Transforming lives is our mission. Providing scientific financial planning, structured portfolio advisory, simplified risk solutions and our unique passive income strategies create financial income.

Ms. Sweta P. - Founder

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